West District Calendar-To-Date

Summer (June-July)

  •          Annual Conference June 14-17, 2020
  •          07/01 is the beginning of a new Annual Conference year.

Fall (August-November)

          dCOM Interviews for Recommendation for Commissioning and Local Pastor Continuation (for those who will only ever be local pastors)
          Charge Conference Season-forms, forms, forms?  Know the deadline.
          Submit by the deadline.
          Deadline for forms: Nov. 1, 2020
         Cabinet Start Up – Cabinet meets monthly
                                            Winter (December-February)

  •          January is close out.  Submission of previous year’s records (attendance, giving, expenditures, etc.)  submitted –        these records help set  goals, connectional missional giving etc.
  •          February marks Inventory and the beginning of appointment season – Cabinet begins to meet every other week

Spring (March – May)

  •          Right Start Conferences
  •          District Conference  
  •          dCOM Interviews for Continuation of Local Pastors.

Sunday Special Offerings

  • Human Relations Day                                     Jan. 20 (Sunday prior to Dr. MLK observation)
  • UMCOR Sunday                                             March 31 (4th Sunday in Lent)
  • Native American Ministries Sunday               May 5 (3rd Sunday of Easter)
  • Peace with Justice Sunday                              June 16 (Sunday after Pentecost)
  • World Wide Communion                               Oct. 6 (1st Sunday in Oct.)
  • United Methodist Student Day                       Nov. 24 (Last Sunday of Nov.)


In addition:

  • Church Growth & Development                   Feb.
  • Golden Cross                                                 May 5
  • Wesleyan Home                                             May 12
  • Annual Conference Special Offering             June
  • Lydia Patterson Institute                                 July
  • Christian Ed. Sunday                                      Sept 8
  • Thanksliving Offering                                    November
  • Methodist Mission Home                               November 3
  • The Methodist Children’s Home, Waco         Dec.